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Today’s shoot was in Rockland County, in Jamie Geller’s kitchen. Jamie Geller, the author of 2 “Quick & Kosher” recipe books runs the website “Joy of Kosher”; Jed and I were standing in the Geller kitchen filming her cut watermelons for a video for the site. On our side of the counter was Rabbi Lawrence, the Geller-family Rabbi from down the block. A self-professed menace to kitchens everywhere (he once set his own kitchen ablaze while toasting crackers in a small oven), the Rabbi was learning how to use a melon-baller on a watermelon. Jamie’s husband Nachem  (a witty character  I’ve endorsed to be Jamie’s right-hand in these videos) was instructing the Rabbi.

With a background in catering, Nachem proceeded to take the watermelon and turn it into a stroller, filling it with balled-melon and watermelon and blueberries, finally blinging it with pineapple-and-kiwi wheels. The Gellers’ baby sat in his high chair, staring at us all and played with his Cheerios probably wondering “I can’t sit in that!”


Once or twice a month I work with Magic Bullet Media as a sound mixer, following a small crew  (a camera-man, a producer and a production assistant). The projects range from small interviews to large-scale events. Through these jobs I see a lot of celebs, straddling the line of being an expensive commodity and being a normal human being.

On Saturday I worked with a 2-camera crew for the 84th-Anniversary of 7-Eleven (which is today), the convenience chain. Hoboken, NJ is right outside New York City and has become the place NYers go for affordable housing; it’s not really New Jersey but a cab-ride will go up to $70 just for crossing state lines (now that’s a jip). Hoboken is also known for its “Cake Boss” or Buddy Valastro and his reality show on TLC. The show follows his Italian family of pastry-chefs and bakers as they run “Carlo’s Bake Shop”.

“The Cake Boss” AKA Buddy Valastro and his crew created a 7-foot tall, 400-lb Slurpee-shaped cake, complete with a sparkler for the photo-op.

Every Saturday there’s a line around the block for cake from the famous bakery and people come from as far as California to see Buddy. Pieces of the Slurpee Cake were handed out as well as free Slurpees.

Despite never seeing a single episode of his show (the last reality-anything I’ve watched was the first season of Survivor), this sound-man needed a photo.