Today’s shoot was in Rockland County, in Jamie Geller’s kitchen. Jamie Geller, the author of 2 “Quick & Kosher” recipe books runs the website “Joy of Kosher”; Jed and I were standing in the Geller kitchen filming her cut watermelons for a video for the site. On our side of the counter was Rabbi Lawrence, the Geller-family Rabbi from down the block. A self-professed menace to kitchens everywhere (he once set his own kitchen ablaze while toasting crackers in a small oven), the Rabbi was learning how to use a melon-baller on a watermelon. Jamie’s husband Nachem  (a witty character  I’ve endorsed to be Jamie’s right-hand in these videos) was instructing the Rabbi.

With a background in catering, Nachem proceeded to take the watermelon and turn it into a stroller, filling it with balled-melon and watermelon and blueberries, finally blinging it with pineapple-and-kiwi wheels. The Gellers’ baby sat in his high chair, staring at us all and played with his Cheerios probably wondering “I can’t sit in that!”