On Thursday was a shoot in Rockland County for a series of cooking videos with Jamie Gellar.

Armed with her assistants Tamar and Hadassah we shot 7 (7!) cooking videos, all of which centered around….dough.

The task: with a one large mound of dough make as much as kosherly possible. (Mound? I’m not sure about that word but hey..).

Jed was on hand to keep me from tripping over my own wires.

In news that struck me as cool, GizMag (my source for all things futuristic) posted an article about Aphidiodea, an architecture firm building eco-friendly structures using shipping containers. This is great for our society going green, especially with new reaily available materials.

“Because they are sturdy, waterproof, transportable, and perhaps only a little bit smaller than some low-rent apartments, disused shipping containers have become very popular for conversion into low-impact buildings.”

It also begs the question: how are we redesigning shipping containers now? More pictures below.

The floorplan…

The method of construction….