There are only 3 car classes left and everyone was hurrying to get in the paint booth. Our fenders require many coats of primer before being actually painted with color; I finished with primer today.

Here I’m sanding my fender. I’m wet sanding because the grit on the paper is rated at 320 and the paper needs water to stay together (that’s the scientific explanation).  I joked today that my fender looked like a dolphin when it was wet; two people laughed. I think there are crazy fumes in that place.

Here I’m in the paint booth. This is the second time and I’m less scared of the paint gun than before. You have to hold it 8 inches from the fender and spray in controlled movements. The teacher says “impersonate a robot”, and I can’t get that stupid Short Circuit “Johnny 5” robot out of my head. Yes, below is a picture of Johnny 5 as The Pope. Imagine a robot Pope spraying a car fender?