Today I edited the photo-shoot video down into 4 minutes from 20 hours of footage.

The last company I worked for full time had me editing fashion videos (I got quite bored filming in the tent during Fashion Week. People were always going “OMG, can you take me? Do you get to meet models?” No, and no. Filming this photo-shoot brought all that back, and editing it put me further into the “vanity vortex.”

Here’s the first cut; they’ve already said they want something “faster and flashier”, so we’ll see how it goes…

fter I was done editing I went to the gym, my second session of fitness; every morning I’ve been riding the bike and watching an episode of “Community”- the length of one show is my workout. This started when I met you, so my hormones have been in full bloom since.

“Retro Fitness” is this huge gym complex next to the Glen Cove train station. It’s $20 a month and seems like a “Walmart” of gyms. With its McDonald’s color scheme (even the machines are red and yellow!) it has to be a chain that’s stomping everybody…and it’s nearby!